Storage used to be a complicated process of renting equipment, loading, unloading, re-loading and unloading again! Save time, energy and money...

Get a mobile container delivered right to your doorstep and... LOAD ONCE, UNLOAD ONCE.

Benefits of using a mobile storage container:

  • Conveniently dropped off at your doorstep.
  • 16’ container fits in a standard size parking stall.
  • Is unloaded on wheels so that the container can be optimally placed before being set on blocks.
  • No time restrictions; load at your own pace.
  • Load once -- unload once.
  • Affordable solution; eliminate movers, renting trucks and trailers.
  • Ground-level walk-in units; no clumsy steps or steep ramps.
  • Short term or long term solutions.
  • No more planning around the weather; mobile units are enclosed keeping possessions dry and safe.
  • We relocate to your new address, temporary address or our facilty until needed.

Mobile Containers are perfect for:

  • Moving - Possession dates usually mean extra work, but not with mobile containers. Move it from the house you sold to a temporary place, your new place once you have possession or store at our compound until your new home is ready.  Only ever load once -- unload once.
  • Renovating - No one wants to live in the midst of a renovation. Move the items you wish to protect into a storage unit on site free from dust and debris caused by renovations. Your contractor will be happy to work in a clear work area.
  • Self-storage - Running out of space? House additional items, like seasonal, future projects, sporting goods, building materials and things your just want to keep, but don't have the room.
  • Home staging - Make your home more sellable by de-cluttering and storing personal items in a safe place.
  • Unexpected events - Life happens and sometimes we are left in situations where temporary space is needed.

We also offer plastic storage totes. to assist with packing, organizing and optimizing every inch of space in your mobile container.

Proudly servicing central Saskatchewan!

We provide delivery service to Saskatoon, Martensville, Warman and the greater Saskatoon area for a flat rate. For delivery extending past our standard service area or out of province, please call for a quote (306) 251-1812 or send us a message.